Studio Lighting

On March 14th, we learned a bit about studio lighting. It was pretty challenging to get pictures of all the different lighting techniques because they were very specific. Overall though, it was very fun trying to shoot with different lighting techniques. This assignment was a lot of fun.


Environmental Portraits

In the afternoon of March 12th, I met up with Ruben at the Redhawk Waterfall in Temecula to take his environmental portraits. I wanted to capture his love for nature, technology, reading, and sports. We thought this outdoor setting would suit his interests. I really enjoyed this assignment, although it was quite difficult to find time to meet up with two different partners.

Letters to a young artist

Reading the book “Letters to a young artist” was definitely very inspiring. Many of the letters and sections of this book were very relatable although I am not part of the Arts community. Especially the section where it talked about working other jobs to pay your way through life instead of doing what you love may seem like a waste of time. This really resonated with me because I’ve worked multiple jobs while going to school. Sometimes, working these different jobs seems like a waste of time but I am truly gaining skills that I may need in the future.

Walnut Park

Our class trip to Walnut Park in San Marcos was interesting. We got to practice some of the skills we have been learning these past few weeks. I would definitely want to take another field trip to be able to become more comfortable with the camera. Today I attempted to use rule of thirds, spot color, leading lines and worm’s eye view.

Everybody Street

Everybody Street was a very inspiring movie. It definitely helped me view photography in a different way. I always thought of photography as capturing moments as a way of keeping memories forever. I never thought of photography as a way of capturing the culture around you to help you understand it better. Although I had never thought of photography that way, I definitely agree with that statement. What better way to understand the culture around you then to capture it, analyze it, and learn from it.

Ways of Seeing

I was sitting at home and thought to myself, “Hey! I have to do this assignment.” So I got up walked around my house and took a few photos. Then I took a trip to Target and a gas station. Even though I struggled figuring out the camera settings, I really enjoyed this assignment.