Class Evaluation

Thank you for being such GREAT professor. I can honestly say that I learned a great deal in your class. Also, thank you for being sensitive to your students’ needs. One suggestion that I would have is… please slow down in the beginning of this course. Many of us non art majors were definitely confused with all of the new terminally, camera functions, and Lightroom. Although we did have some tutorials, it was difficult to find things I specifically needed. Sometimes I felt like I was falling behind because most of the class already knew what to do. Also, the group projects are very difficult to do in only a week. Mostly for commuters. Overall though, I thought this was a great course. Thank you for being so lighthearted and joyful!





I went to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. It was a very nice museum although it was a lot smaller than I thought. This project was one of my least favorites because I has to drive about an hour and forty minutes. These five pictures from the museum inspired me to take some pictures at home. The first exhibit was called “Talking to a Friend” which is the one that inspired me completely. The other exhibit was very interesting to look at but it did not inspire me to take those pictures.


For the Pictorialism project, I went to Glen Arbor Park in Murrieta. It was about 6:30- 7 pm which gave many of the pictures I took a creepy effect. These two were two of my favorites. There is a wooded area in this park, which is where I decided to take the pictures. Everything was dark and gloomy until I found that one beautiful rose.

Big Mac Challenge

I completed the Big Mac challenge on May 1st at home. We used a Big Mac box and installed a mini flashlight to illuminate the box. Then, we used that box to reflect light onto their faces. Trying to take pictures of them without laughing was pretty difficult. It was kind of awkward having the camera so close to their faces. I had a lot of fun with this project. It was by far one of my favorites.

Photo Booth

This project was so difficult for me. On Monday the 8th, I finally had time to do the Photo Booth project. It was a bit of a challenge finding time to do this project and actually being able to go somewhere and attempt it. I went out to Old Town Temecula and set up a Photo Booth in front of an abandoned restaurant. I really didn’t want to bug people for pictures but I was surprised a lot of them agreed to take pictures. Many of the ones who did not want to take pictures were either in a hurry or did not want to be bothered. This project was fun although I was wish I personally had more time to do it.

Night Photography

On March 28th I did some night shooting at the Temecula Promenade. This assignment was more difficult than I thought. Especially trying to figure out where in the Temecula I could take pictures that late at night. It was a fun assignment but I just wish I would’ve had little more time.